Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hatty Saturday - Free Sockhead Hat Pattern, La Fete De Catherinettes, Philip Treacy

Sockhead Hat Designed by bohokits. It's free!

Sockhead Hat, Fleur de Fiber (Arcadian) at Windy Knitty

Designed by bohoknits, download free pattern here
These links are no particular order, mostly millinery-related, but not all:
  • Do your swim suits take a beating in chlorine-treated water? Do you fear they've become a little too revealing even though you're covered from here to there? Try sewing your suits with reversible laminate bright tricot Spandex. Not cheap, but it won't become sheer either after several dips in the pool.
  • I knew this was a Philip Treacy before I clicked on the link at OMG. Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker has a sense of humor.
  • Here pipe cleaners are used for gift wrap, but they make dandy cocktail hat embellishments. Think spider legs, leave stems, etc.
  • The buttercup beret, yes, designed by Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns. A knitting pattern, it's It's free here.
  • For fingering-weight yarn fanatics, here's an American-made line....and get this, it's tweedy! Great for vintage hat and sweater patterns.  I give you (or rather Jared Flood) LOFT, not to be confused with Ann Taylor LOFT.
That's all for today, friends. Over and out!

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