Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hatty Holidays LInk Round Up - Vogue Knitting Turban,

Vogue Knitting, Vintage Chic, Turban, Designed  by Lola Ehrlich
Vintage Chic, Vogue Knitting 2011/2012 Fashion Preview
A random list of cool hats, casual, fun or classy:
  • You've seen Chanel bags, how about a Chanel knit hat? Simple, no chains to weight it down.
  • The turban is back....classy or just a microwaved leftover? With or without hair. The Vogue Knitting models (above) show plenty of lush,  long, wavy longs. They're just missing gloves, a cordette clutch, and a cigarette holder...otherwise, they look like 1940s starlets. Any ideas on the yarn used? Vogue Knitting won't tell...yet. Can I just contrast it to this actual 1940s jersey turban? Which would took chutzpah to wear? Vogue's patterns or the jersey one? A cocktail will help the chutzpah part, I promise.
  • Judith M Millinery has a 20 percent off coupon good through the end of January. She has amazing hat-making notions that you can't even find in New York City's Fashion District (sadly...).
  • What's a cute rain hat without a matching umbrella? Here's a how-to using oilcloth...which I think would a little bit stiff. Ripstop or a thinner water-repellant fabric would be a better choice. Still a great way to salvage a frame.
  •  Thinking of last minute gifts? Have needles, will travel to nearest yarn store? Here's a round-up of last-minute hats to make on the double.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Linky Wednesday - Free embroidery tutorial, Knit Handy iPhone/iPad app

Beret designed by Angela Combest of Fleur de Fiber Yarns

Rhinestone detail, Angela Combest beret

Side view, Angela Combest beret. Yarn: Acadian Two-Wheeler, also available at Windy Knitty

Here's a round-up of mostly hat-related links this week:

  • Here's a great interview of a Vogue Knitting hat designer Deborah Newton, who doesn't mind when readers call her designs ugly. Interesting!
  • Gosh. This special edition Interweave Knits Accessories, 2011, is practically a book with more than 40 patterns, and tons of hats! I've already taken a look,  it's a great value at $14.99 and if you buy it before the end of the year at a local yarn shop, you get a rebate from Interweave.
  • Also from Interweave is the Knit Handy app by Ann Budd. I've downloaded it, and it's a great tool (along with my app Yarn U, of course).
  • Details matter. I love this French knot tutorial for 3-d hydrangeas, great for embellishing just about any hat, woven or knit.
  • Finally, eye candy at this Australian vintage shop, l'uccello. Buttons, vintage ribbons galore!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hatty Holidays, Linky Tuesday - Yarn v2.0 for iPhone/iPad Lives!

Gone with the Wind Hat, Windy Knitty, Chicago
Hat knitted with Schulana Malawi yarn (now discontinued)

Leftover Malawi used to make Lacy Collar Designed by Claire Montgomerie  

I made a second version of the Lacy Collar by Claire Montgomerie from the book Knitting Vintage. This collar is most addictive, and easily knit in sections. This one came out bigger than the first one even though it was DK weight just like the Classic Elite version and I used the same circular needles. Anyhow, here in no particular order some great links for this week. Most are hat-related, some aren't.
That's it for now. Happy hat-making!