Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yarn U v1.9, now with locations, Twitter handles...and Happy Halloween and a LIst of Hatty LInks

Rat in Beret Made from Berroco Vintage Yarn searches for new yarn  
Rat stops to sniff...he smells a yarn he likes.

Just Another Day at Windy Knitty...Fiber-obsessed customer

Rats! The Blue Alpacas Sky Fine yarn is out of reach!

Close-up of Beret, Made by Tara, a Windy Knitty Customer of the Human Kind

I don't know how many rats wear hats, but I saw at least one of the stuffed 'faux' variety wearing one at Windy Knitty recently. He looked pretty fierce in a fashion-forward kind of way. I can't tell you too much about the pattern. I'm certain it was improvised, since most patterns aren't written for heads quite that small.

Now that it's Halloween,  here's a round-up of hat-related links:
  • Pamoolah of Ravelry has a booklet of 1930s hat patterns at Etsy. If you like to knit with fingering weight yarn and you love hats, this might be up your alley and down your lane. Log into Ravelry to see to her own interpretations of these classics.
  • I'm loving this how-to for hat stands, which aren't cheap readymade.
  • La Fete de Catherinettes...once a big deal in France, now a 'niche' holiday that's fun to celebrate. Here's what happening in Chicago.
  •  This quick-knit beret pattern has a 1930ish feel. Great price too!
  • Version 1.9 of my app Yarn U is now live. What's new? Twitter handles and locations for yarn distributors.

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  1. Wow, I just stumbled across your blog and discovered this familiar fellow! Very funny running commentary for Messrs. Rat. I will explore the rest of your blog. Yes, I just made up the pattern by counting evenly space increases and decreases.