Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Tyrorean Hat Goes to "Hats...Art for Your Head!"

Scarf? A Missoni-like fabric still at Vogue Fabrics, Evanston

Purchased at Silver Moon, when it was located on Halsted Street, Chicago

Modeled at Windy Knitty, Chicago

The tyrolean hat is often mistaken for another style. Some admirers think it's a fedora or a porkpie. But it's neither. It's a tyrolean style hat, when all things alpine were popular in the U.S. in the late 1930s. There were tyrolean jackets, suits, sweaters...and then hats. Mine is a thin black felt embellished with  what looks like matching horsehair on top. It's a clever embellishment, very subtle: the felt and the horsehair are swirled together and cut at an angle (difficult to see here, but I do have a close-up somewhere). If I had that time machine that so many DIY bloggers talk about,  I'd return and get this hat in a kelly green and fuschia. I get so many compliments on this simple hat I really do wish I could replicate it easily. But I'd at least need a hat block...and the crown vaguely looks like a Civil War soldier's hat, but the brim is short and sweet, typical for the Depression. I imagine this hat was very versatile during that time...perfect to wear with a suit or a princess-style black coat. 

I hope to never wear this hat out it's so sweet. In any event, it's going on an adventure tonight at "Hats...Art for Your Head!"

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