Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hatty Link Sunday - free Stacy Charles Takhi hat pattern

Stacy Takhi Charles, free pattern                             


Plenty of hat love this week here in Chicago and nationwide.

1. Five milliners will be participating in "Hats...Art of Your Head," the opening is this Thursday, Nov. 17. I look forward to seeing Eia's and Jenny Pfanenstiel's work.  
2. Optimo Hats has a new downtown location in Chicago's historic Monadnock building. The window display must truly rock! 
3. Better late than never: check out this Amelia Earhart Halloween costume and a how-to on sewing jodhpurs if you're ever in need. The hat and goggles are flea market finds.
4. A self-fabric button how-to. Very couture. Handy for hat-making too.
5. The latest incarnation of the Tam, to be published in Interweave Knits and in stores Nov. 29. Looking forward to that...supposedly there's a review of my app, Yarn U, in there!

That's all for now. Over and out.

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