Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fabric of the Moment: Shaggy Suede, available at Vogue Fabrics

My favorite shaggy suede hat, made by me, at Windy Knitty
This fabric (one of more than 100 listed in my iPhone/iPad app Fabric U) is little known in the sewing world. If you like to sew, you know about fake fur. You might even know about faux sherpa fabric, the stuff of the retro World War II flight jackets. But shaggy suede? Probably not...even though it's virtually all over the RTW world. You'll see in cute children's jackets made by the Gap, or even a stylist coats like this one seen on the Sartorialist but it's not exactly shaking up the fashion scene even in Lucky Magazine or even Teen Vogue. Yet it's the coolest, most washable winter coat fabric out there. Here are some pros and cons for this fabric, also called sueded cuddle.

  • Doesn't need to be lined
  • Machine washable
  • Edges don't need to be finished; use pinking shears to finish
  • Messy to sew with!
  • Tad on the expensive side ($21 a yard)...make an expensive muslin first with cheap muslin
  • Limited color selection

If you decide to bite the fabric bullet,  I would suggest renting a sewing room when you're cutting this fabric. Otherwise, you'll be seeing lint all over your house for months.  Maybe even a year.  Here are some pattern ideas:
Me? I've got a out-of-print Simplicity coat pattern that I want to use. Need to dig it out before snow falls!

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