Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sideways Grande Cloche/Collar Designed by Laura Irwin

This is the Sideways Grande Cloche designed by Laura Irwin, author of Boutique Knits. I turned the hat into a collar.
 A close-up of the collar. The discontinued Lane Borgosesia yarn is probably a little less blue and more green than this photo shows.
My display model with a pair of sunglasses I bought at Factory Vintage in Evanston, IL.
Another shot of the display model with the $8 sunglasses. Colored sunglasses seem to be particularly trendy.
More shots are available at my Ravelry profile. I plan to try this hat again, making sure I have enough yarn this time around.
 This is a wonderful pattern, mostly a rib knit, which is knitted flat. The stitches are picked up on top to turn it into a hat. The braided part is added last.  This was completely refreshing to make after working mostly on wired brim hats. 
Next time around here's what I might:

That's all for now. Must run and make time for knitting later!

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