Friday, June 10, 2011

The Anthropologie Grosgrain-Wrapped Sunhat Your Way

source: Anthropologie
source: Anthropologie
Burda Style Magazine, latest issue available now (June)

I don't have the issue number in front of me, but the latest issue of the American version of Burda Style has a floppy hat pattern very similar to the pricey Anthropologie Grosgrain-Wrapped Sunhat. What Anthro sells for nearly $100 you can create for a lot less. Significantly less. Here are some basic suggestions on making this hat beyond what Burda mentions in its article:

  • The Anthropologie hat uses ribbon, but the hat name is misleading. If you look closely at this hat, each side of the ribbon has a set of 'teeth.' This is called Petersham, and this is what you want to use in your hat. It has wood fibers, making it easier to shape in a curve with your iron. Regular ribbon, without those 'teeth', will not shape as easily and will leave you frustrated in your efforts to make your hat. Best places for petersham? Vogue Fabrics, some New York City shops....or try Judith M Millinery online. Buy more than you need, a spool or two would probably do the trick. I'd buy the 5/8-inch width.
  • If you go the Burda Style route, which uses yards of printed bias tape, make your own bias tape. It's much cheaper. There's some beautiful bias tape (a gingham print one comes to mind) at Vogue Fabrics, but it's not cheap. I'd make it...or find some on sale. OR buy a yard or two of the pretty stuff, mix with the cheaper variety.
  • The straw part. I don't know how to improvise that part. I'm guessing a trip to a party store and a segue down the Tiki section might yield some finds. 
  • Use some of that petersham to create a sweat band inside your hat. Yes, you want to protect your pretty new hat from sweat and make up. You'll attach to the part where the brim meets the crown. It's essentially where the hat meets your head. You'll slip stitch it around, not too tight. You'll want to remove it periodically to wash it.
  • Finally, put a name tag on your sweat bag. You should be proud of your work. Besides, it's an original. No one else has a hat quite like yours. 

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