Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peacock Prints: Big 2011 Fashion Trend

source: Vogue Fabrics, Home Decor Dept, Evanston, Ill.
source: thefashionpolice.net

If you haven't already noticed, peacock prints are in in a back way this year. Everywhere. Oversized feathers seem to rule in dresses, skirts, even knits. But that's not all. You'll see feathers of this bird on home furnishings too. Above you'll see the peacock print upholstery print fabric, designed by the model Iman. It's intended for armchairs, drapery, light bedding, sofas, etc...but wouldn't it just look fabulous as a coat? Now this is not cheap fabric. It's $30+ a yard. That said, it's 54" wide, so you wouldn't need much for a coat (by the way, I don't see this fabric online at Vogue Fabrics' website. You'd need to call and ask about it if you're out of town.  I'm guessing a yard or so would do the trick?)  This kind of a fabric would most definitely call for a shiny, turquoise lining. I think you could get away with something on the plain side, since the coat is the star of the show. Here's a round up of some peacock-themed attire I like best:

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