Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Linky Wednesday - Free embroidery tutorial, Knit Handy iPhone/iPad app

Beret designed by Angela Combest of Fleur de Fiber Yarns

Rhinestone detail, Angela Combest beret

Side view, Angela Combest beret. Yarn: Acadian Two-Wheeler, also available at Windy Knitty

Here's a round-up of mostly hat-related links this week:

  • Here's a great interview of a Vogue Knitting hat designer Deborah Newton, who doesn't mind when readers call her designs ugly. Interesting!
  • Gosh. This special edition Interweave Knits Accessories, 2011, is practically a book with more than 40 patterns, and tons of hats! I've already taken a look,  it's a great value at $14.99 and if you buy it before the end of the year at a local yarn shop, you get a rebate from Interweave.
  • Also from Interweave is the Knit Handy app by Ann Budd. I've downloaded it, and it's a great tool (along with my app Yarn U, of course).
  • Details matter. I love this French knot tutorial for 3-d hydrangeas, great for embellishing just about any hat, woven or knit.
  • Finally, eye candy at this Australian vintage shop, l'uccello. Buttons, vintage ribbons galore!

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