Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hatty Holidays LInk Round Up - Vogue Knitting Turban,

Vogue Knitting, Vintage Chic, Turban, Designed  by Lola Ehrlich
Vintage Chic, Vogue Knitting 2011/2012 Fashion Preview
A random list of cool hats, casual, fun or classy:
  • You've seen Chanel bags, how about a Chanel knit hat? Simple, no chains to weight it down.
  • The turban is back....classy or just a microwaved leftover? With or without hair. The Vogue Knitting models (above) show plenty of lush,  long, wavy longs. They're just missing gloves, a cordette clutch, and a cigarette holder...otherwise, they look like 1940s starlets. Any ideas on the yarn used? Vogue Knitting won't tell...yet. Can I just contrast it to this actual 1940s jersey turban? Which would took chutzpah to wear? Vogue's patterns or the jersey one? A cocktail will help the chutzpah part, I promise.
  • Judith M Millinery has a 20 percent off coupon good through the end of January. She has amazing hat-making notions that you can't even find in New York City's Fashion District (sadly...).
  • What's a cute rain hat without a matching umbrella? Here's a how-to using oilcloth...which I think would a little bit stiff. Ripstop or a thinner water-repellant fabric would be a better choice. Still a great way to salvage a frame.
  •  Thinking of last minute gifts? Have needles, will travel to nearest yarn store? Here's a round-up of last-minute hats to make on the double.

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