Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hatty Holidays, Linky Tuesday - Yarn v2.0 for iPhone/iPad Lives!

Gone with the Wind Hat, Windy Knitty, Chicago
Hat knitted with Schulana Malawi yarn (now discontinued)

Leftover Malawi used to make Lacy Collar Designed by Claire Montgomerie  

I made a second version of the Lacy Collar by Claire Montgomerie from the book Knitting Vintage. This collar is most addictive, and easily knit in sections. This one came out bigger than the first one even though it was DK weight just like the Classic Elite version and I used the same circular needles. Anyhow, here in no particular order some great links for this week. Most are hat-related, some aren't.
That's it for now. Happy hat-making!

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