Sunday, July 31, 2011

Annie Modesitt's Modern Cloche, Hats Plus and More...

This is YarnOverChicago's Crochet Beret (designed by Teresa Richardson). Yarnover used Crystal Palace's Cotton Twirl, now in the latest version of Yarn U, version 1.6.
Picture was taken at Windy Knitty, Chicago.
This slouchy hat was made in brown (hard to tell here in my Hipstamatic shot).
This man's hat is at Hats Plus on Irving Park Road in Chicago.
Another man's hat at Hats Plus. This is perfect for summer. Check out the store's Hat Chronicles.
Finally, my latest hat project: Annie Modesitt's Modern Cloche from a recent issue of Knitting Today. Yarn? Classic Silk by Classic Elite Yarns.


  1. People down here in Alabama are still wearing the houndstooth hats like what Coach Bear Bryant wore.

  2. So cool a Chicago fashion connection down in Alabama.