Saturday, January 29, 2011

Working on the Go-Go Granny Tunic from Knitting It Old School

This project has been a lifeline. It's been the thing that's pulling me into spring. You'd think the longer days, the slightly less cold temperatures even the cute cardinal couple that regularly visits my mother's backyard bird bathbath and feeder would do the trick. Nope. This Go-Go Granny tunic is it. Sunny, cheerful and so unrelentingly fun, it's pushing me to a future filled with sunny days, warm weather and beachy clothes. A time when I won't have a cast clamped onto my leg. Heck, I can even picture a pair of cute shoes on my tootsies even they're not high heels or wedgies. Maybe I could visualize myself in a pair of cherry red penny loafers trimmed with white piping and shoelaces. The tunic, loafers teamed with a pair of sailor pants. Maybe even a floppy hat. And if I'm wearing a boot at that point? Who cares? I'll be walking again on my two feet.

Back to the granny square tunic, which is straight from the pages of Knitting It School. I had fully intended to make it from leftovers from other Cotton Classic projects. And I have...but you know crochet projects, like sewing, always call for more materials. It's far easier to get more fabric especially if there's a bolt left. But yarn? A different deal altogether. You have to match dye lots, which is something I've never had to do in the world of machine sewing! Never. Luckily, crochet, particularly the granny square kind, doesn't need to match. In fact, it's best of if it doesn't. It looks less like it was stitched together by some crochet hook machine in China and more like something that was perhaps crafted in someone's Austin, Texas background perhaps fueled by a margarita or two. This is truly the kind of crochet that can be done while drinking. What's the worst thing that can happen? An extra treble crochet won't hurt it. If you care about symmetry, simply stay away from alcohol when you've got a crochet hook in your hand.

What you see above is one sleeve, minus a square or two. But it's looking promising, this sleeve. A lot of weaving in of ends. That's ok. I have plenty of time on this overcast Saturday afternoon with nothing more than dinner, maybe a movie on the laptop and more crochet on my schedule. Just think! I could be wearing this tunic to get my new boot or to my book signing at the Chicagoland Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, Textile Show and Sale next month (Sat., Feb. 26, 1 p.m.). The possibilities aren't mind-blowing but they do give me a goal beyond fishing out a snack from the refrigerator.

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