Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Winter? It Must Be Time to Make a Cotton Granny Square Tunic

I was happily working on my vintage 1930s yellow wool sweater last week. I felt like I was in the last quarter of a football game (and a football game analogy is a little awkward because I'm not a fan, but I was watching a Packers game with diehard fan last week. Her team was winning, she was in a good mood as she headed home from the bar to follow the rest of the game at home. I felt flush like that with sweater.) I was working on the left front making major progress even if the sweater looks like it will fit a four-year-old. But then I got sidetracked by the book, Old School Knitting. I had already started making granny squares from Cotton Classic scraps from previous crochet projects. I thought, "I just need a little more new yarn and I can finish this by the weekend!" So I scampered downtown to Chicago's Loopy Yarns to use my birthday gift certificate. I breezed out of the shop, now located in an old train depot, with $40 worth of yarn.

I started working that giddy last fifth row on a number of the squares. Took some pictures uploaded them to Ravelry...and scooped up a bunch of squares to work while I was on the bus later to head to church in the evening.

Long story short, I never made it to church that evening. I slipped on the stairs on my way out the door, twisting my leg underneath me. By the next day, Martin Luther King Day, I was in the ER, my crochet bag in tow. A few x-rays and a examination later, I found out that I had broken my ankle in three places. Somewhat like the tin man in the "The Wizard of Oz," I learned that I would need a plate and screws to put my limb together again. Since surgery, I have been working these squares, trying to make sense of things, crocheting my life together again.

While I really don't need more yarn, I just felt like I needed something to give me hope, so today I went to the giant blow-out sale at Village Knit Whiz here in Glenview...I had a thin orange laceweight yarn and then a lemony yellow ribbon yarn, Chat from Takhi. I chose a big bag full of the Chat and left the orange thread behind. The yellow ribbon is lighter than my wool sweater in the works..but yellow is the color of hope and here I come April, May and June with something cute and sunny even I'm never able to wear high heels again.  

P.S. Fabric U, my iPhone app, is free for the day. Enjoy!


  1. Tanya, you should go for it. Knitting is a lot of took me a bit to master it but I've been hit hard with the bug. Look for classes, online instructions, library books to get started.