Friday, January 14, 2011

Appy Birthday to Yarn U, the iPhone App

Friends, I'm back in action, blogging after a long a while. This is the new blog, basically dedicated to all things DIY, but in particular knitting and sewing, my biggest passions. I'll also be promoting two of my iPhone apps: Yarn U (The newest baby on the block) and its older sibling, Fabric U. Occasionally, I will talk about Chicago's Fashion History (1865-1945). Now I won't be in constant promo mode, I promise, but I'm proud of these projects. They're like my children, I need to show 'em off! I do fully intend to get back in finishing projects, taking pictures of  them and uploading them for you to see. I'm  hoping the blog will prompt me to at least finish what I have started. There are more than a few UFOs that were started years ago and really need to be completed.

Back to Yarn U, the newest app in my family. We  celebrated its first-month anniversary with cupcakes at Knit1 in Chicago on Wednesday, but the actual birthday was yesterday. And what a month it has been! In one day alone, more than 2,000 users downloaded it during the 24 hours I made it free last week. Amazing. Now I've got 34 reviews,  giving it major 'traction' in the iTunes store.

And that's not all. I'm already updating the app so I can have a new version ready for the iTunes store in late February. I'll update all 100 entries to include fiber content breakdown, brand and yardage. I'll add at least 20 new yarns. (I plan to make this app the go-to-guide to the most popular yarns. There will eventually be 500 entries.) So bring on the suggestions on how to make this app the most useful one on your iPhone or iPad. (Speaking of the iPad,  I had a chance to use one at Knit1. All the images on the app look amazing on the iPad. You can really see details. I highly recommending downloading Yarn U to the iPad.)

The suggestions about exactly what to add Yarn U next have been flying faster than bamboo knitting needles on sale for 50 percent off. Here's what friends and users are clamoring for. You can add more:

  • Lorna's Laces
  • Opal 
  • madelinetosh
  • Ella Rae
  • Magnum (Cascades)
  • Misti Alpaca

As you can see that's probably at least 100 yarns right there, which should keep me busy for the next few months. However, don't let that stop you from adding to the wish list. I want this be an app with the yarns you love, not my favorites. I'll sign off for now with some more eye candy from Yarn U. By the way, if you're so inclined I will be speaking at Sulzer Regional Library on Tuesday, Jan. 18 to the Windy City Knitting Guild. I'm going to focus on Chicago's knitting history. If getting this slide show ready to go has been any indication, the actual talk should be a blast and a half. I plan to pass around vintage yarns, patterns, etc. for show and tell. Be there will with your knitting needles and yarns! Also I have some free promo codes for Yarn U. Message me for the code.

I forgot: as my blog name implies...I'll definitely be blogging about hats that I make. 

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