Friday, April 22, 2011

Cool Links Friday - Amy Butler umbrella pattern, Liberty of London Prints

I forgot the European yarn I used for this one. Pretty but scratchy. Both are improvised crochet patterns
The scarf is a Missoni like fabric from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL. They don't have this colorway anymore (to my knowledge), but they have other colorways, particularly black and white. Call the warehouse to learn more!
It's a rainy day Friday and I'm finishing up work tasks so I can relax and enjoy Good Friday. I'll like go to CloseKnit to buy more yarn to finish up my Go Go Granny Square Tunic and I'll definitely cruise into Vogue Fabrics to get my fabric fix. Here are some good links to check out while it's drizzling outside:
That's it, folks. With a bit of luck, I might trick out an existing cocktail hat with a toy yellow 'chick' and a crocheted nest made from paper yarn. If I do, I'll take pics. If not, enjoy the weekend. Happy Easter!

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