Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hatty Thursday - Summer Millinery Class School of the Art Institute, Mad Hatter Lunch

Sunday Pictorial Beret, Boreale yarn (Bottle Green)

Scarf, Antique and Resale Shoppe, Chicago, IL

Bow detail, Sunday Pictorial Beret
This week's round up includes a beret that I stitched up in using Boreale, a fingering-weight yarn. Used 0 needle for the edge, and 1 for the main body. Mindless garter stitch all the way to the top.
Here are some other hat-related items:
  • Got at least three weeks off this summer? Check out the millinery blocking and draping class (Course #1020 001) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Straw, felt, paper, fabric and other unusual materials will be the foundation for your way-cool hats. No preqs! Taught by world-renown instructor, Instructor: Eia Radosavljevic . Not exactly a traditional college student? No worries. Register as a "student-at-large;" or call 312.629.6170.
  • Milliner Jenny Pfanensteil will be the guest speaker at the "Mad Hatter" luncheon Thursday, May 10 at the Chicago Club. Read all the details here.
  • Got a bee in your bonnet? Try making this baby bonnet. Just in time for Easter.
  • Why are hat sizes so weird?  Food for some thought.


  1. Wow! That hat looks so simple, maybe even I could knit it! Love the color.

  2. Jill, you could totally make it. It's all garter stitch. Catch you later.

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