Sunday, September 25, 2011

Knitting Vintage by Claire Montgomerie - the Lacy Collar

At Windy Knitty, Chicago, the Lacy Collar from Knitting Vintage
Row upon Row of Yarn Overs Makes This Easy for Lace Lovers.
Paired with the matching High Society Hat Designed by Annie Modesitt
The ribbon and button are from Vogue Fabrics, Evanston, IL
 The lacy collar, designed by Claire Montgomerie

Tell us a little bit about this lacy collar. It looks a bit vintage.  You know, it does look vintage, although in all likelihood a collar of this kind back in the 1930s and 40s would have been done in a fingering weight yarn or a crochet thread of some sort. I did mine in a DK weight, which makes it look a lot less delicate, but heck, it was leftover from another project so I went with it.

Do you frequently use your leftover yarns for new projects? All the time. Actually I should do it more often. I looked in my yarn bag recently, and I've found at least two other yarns lurking in there that I could use for multiple versions of this collar. I will make this collar until I get tired of the pattern. I give that at least two or three more times. Actually, if I retire it if for a while, it's easy to return to the pattern like I've never looked it before.

What kind of yarns would you recommend for this pattern? Oh, just about any will do as I said before. The book suggests experimenting, even trying beaded yarn, which I think would look smashing for the holidays. I could see even dressing it up with a little holly pin.  It would be interesting to see this in a tonal yarn from Dreams Everlasting or Three Irish Girls. I'd imagine it would look especially retro and pretty in a crochet thread by DMC or Aunt Lydia's.

Anything else we should know? Try a rhinestone button for a little sparkle. I used a clear button because I wanted the pins I use to be the stars of the show. I can't wait to try out my vintage religious flower pin,  and some things I inherited from my grandmother. Also be sure to wear the collar so it doesn't get lost on your clothes. It would look terrific with an angora sweater, a stretch lace top or a little black dress. Oh, it would look really great with a LBD...especially if you make it in white.

But it looks a little girlish...can women wear this to the office? It depends on your office. I think creatives could get away with more than those in the banking or investment biz. The collar is a bit bulky so it doesn't play well with jackets. But to answer the other part of your question, yes, women can definitely wear this collar. It's not just for teens. It's all about attitude and how you wear it too. It's certainly romantic but I think it could be paired with a pair of jeans just as easily as a tiered cream skirt embellished with Cluny lace. 

Huh? Never mind. This collar is cute and washable, which necklaces aren't.

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