Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yarn U iPhone App v1.3 available - 140 yarns with URLs for Free Patterns

Chickadee yarn, courtesy of Quince & Co.

For those of you have iPhones, iPads and the Yarn U app, I'm very excited to announce the latest update, version 1.3, which has more than 140 yarns with links to free patterns. More than a few users have asked me, "Where are the patterns?" Since I don't have any patterns to offer myself and I can't publish other patterns without permission, I found a work-around: supply the URLs for free patterns already online! I hope you'll like this new feature, which is available in the drop-down menu on the app. If there's a free pattern out there that you would like to see linked, give me a holler and I'll see what I can do.

Here's a round-up of some other new features/items on Yarn U:
  •  Berroco yarns. Several of you aficionados out there wanted these listed...and I've been working with Norah Gaughan to get as many as possible listed as quickly as my nimble fingers can type and upload.  Right now, there are only two, but there will be many, many more in the next update, which will probably unleashed to the world by the end of the month.
  •  Lorna's Laces. Ditto what I said above. There seems to be almost a cult following for this yarn company, which happens to be based here in Chicago. Lines form outside the door when there's a warehouse sale (which isn't often) and email inboxes explode when there's a naming contest for a new yarn. (A new sock yarn comes to mind.)
  • Hyperlinks Embedded in Slideshow. We're not quite at the tagging stage (although I've requested this feach), by you can use the slideshow to link you back to a yarn. Let's say you like the Design 10 top by Jenny Watson. You want to know what yarn to use...well, touch the words Silk Garden Sock at the top of the screen. Bingo! You're back at the Silk Garden Sock entry, where you can learn the pros, cons and more about this woooonderful yarn.
That's all for now. Download the update and enjoy.

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