Friday, March 11, 2011

Yarn U iPhone App v1.2 is Live!

Friends, I know it's Friday, late in the afternoon here in the U.S. I'm thinking about the weekend and no doubt you are too. I know I want to visit Vogue Fabrics to buy buttons, maybe scare up a hank or two so I can make more progress on my crocheted granny square tunic, maybe clean if I dare to get around to it. In any event I did want to tell you that the latest version of Yarn U is now in the iTunes story. There are now a grand total of 120 yarns, so there should be something you like. Something. Parting shots for today, most of the millinery variety -
  • Did you know that this Chicago building was the Millinery Mart Building? I wonder what kind of hats were made here. I was in this building, now known as 65 Wacker Place. Didn't see any milinery supplies or anything remotely hatty. One day I'll need to do research to find out who the most famous milliners to work in this building. Halston, maybe? Of course, I'll have to go to the Gage, another famed millinery building, now turned into a restaurant for post-research libations.
  • Check out this DKNY knit (incorrectly described as crocheted) hat, which I swear resembles exactly what Anthropologie sold several years ago. I actually bough the Anthro version, and returned it because it was falling apart. Good news: it inspired me to knit the High Society hat.
  • Last but not least is not time to think about the Kentucky Derby (tickets for which I understand are selling faster than I'm sorry I don't have a good analogy this late in the day. See the lovely hat above (removed 3/27/11 by request) by a former student, Jenny Pfanenstiel, of Formé Millinery

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