Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Like Starting Over: Crazy Lace Cardi Cropped Cardi by Myra Wood

I didn't expect to be such a perfectionist when it came to the cardi, which was supposed to be the equivalent of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink soup (at least for me), but what can I say? It seemed like the mistakes were glaring. Like the errant puff stitches on the front which didn't remotely resemble identical triplets. Remotely! Or the raglan sleeve increases which meandered when I wasn't looking. I've no idea how that happened. Since I couldn't take the increases looking like crooked tree branches, I ripped back one stitch at a time, delicately removing the stitch markers one at a time since I didn't want to ruin what was good about my raglan increases. Personally, I prefer to take the whole shebang off the needles and riiiiiip back until I reach a spot I deem worthy of saving. But I didn't want to take that risk with stitch markers. So I undid, until I found myself nearly undone. It was difficult because I've been knitting double. I feared that I would be seeing double before long because I became so intent so focused on this task.

Through 12 Angry Men (not a pretty female lead in sight I tuned out), Lawrence of Arabia (ditto) and some other Turner Classics, I hit the remote and un-knit. So boring. At least Gigi was considerably more entertaining, and I actually watched more than I played with yarn. Finally this morning I accomplished what I set out to do: fixed the increases and banished the bad puff stitches.  Now I don't know what I'll do if I catch a mistake 12 rows later, because this double un-knitting has me nearly swearing off Dream (which really does look beautiful knitted up).  But I do think Dream, because it has so much stretch and terrific stitch definition, would look great in:
  • a pair of socks
  • stockings
  • a hat
  • gloves
  • a lacy collar
Yet there's a part of me that fervently hopes that I'll finish up all four skeins of Dream with this project (an improvised short cardigan, designed by Myra Wood. The idea is to cast on a basic design and improvise, and add stitches within the basic pattern). We'll see...I'm certain, as the sun will peek through the clouds tomorrow,  that I'll be working a row or two tonight before I sleep.

P.S. I'm updating Yarn U, the iPhone app. So far I've added Opal and some Knitpicks yarn. I had a hoot and half uploading darling images for Debbie Bliss Angel yarn and the newest additions to Louisa Harding's line, Ianthe.  What else would you like to see in this app?

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